Established in 2006 by Amanda Gore and built upon the principle to provide the highest standard of quality and service, Rose Painting & Decorating, LLC is a fine and diversified painting contractor serving North Carolina.  Operated and managed by family members who ensure that the tradition of excellence and quality workmanship is achieved on a daily basis.  Amanda Gore’s commitment to the people, both inside and outside of the organization, was set forth in her value to serve her customers, employees and community.

Rose Painting & Decorating, LLC offers a full range of commercial and residential services.  Our firm has the expertise and capability to satisfy all of your painting, coating and surface preparation needs from new construction to complete maintenance programs.  What sets us apart is our talent, craftsmanship, and quality of work that our team members perform.

Our most valued accolades come from the many satisfied customers who take the time and effort to express their appreciation of our craftsmanship, professionalism, integrity and ability to work within the prescribed conditions of the project.  You can take their word for it or ours.  We guarantee your satisfaction.

Whatever your project, you can count on the professionalism and integrity of Rose Painting & Decorating, LLC.  Every project is held to the highest standards of quality, safety and service at an affordable price.  No job is too small or too insignificant to warrant anything less.  You will not be disappointed with our people, our performance, or our price.